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System requirements

  • Minimum:
    Core 2 Duo 1,5 ГГц, 2 Гб, 256 Мб видео
  • Featured:
    Core 2 Duo 2,6 ГГц, 3 Гб, 512 Мб видео
Just Cause 2 action and third-person shooter, which tells the player and the adventures of a CIA agent Rico Rodriguez, nicknamed "Scorpion".
This time Rico sent to the state on the Islands of panau, where a country ruled by a brutal tyrant Baby Panay. To all the Islands he builds its own monuments, declaring the state of its authority, thus bringing terror to all. Gamers have to perform two main tasks - to overthrow the country's current government, but also to find and destroy the CIA traitor.
The game has a number of peculiarities. First, the player can choose for themselves the current mission - tasks from one of criminal gangs in the country (as in the famous GTA). Secondly, the gamer can move freely in all locations. And thirdly, in Just Cause 2 is available with a broad variety of weapons (pistols, revolvers, submachine guns, grenade launchers, shotgun, rifle, and so on) and vehicles (motorcycles, motorbikes, cars, boats, helicopters and even airplanes, including armed fighters).
In order to achieve their main goal, gamers have to do the job of one of the local groups. Thus improve their sphere of influence, and then people from gangs will help to fight the common enemy soldiers Baby Panay.
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Mod for multiplayer coming soon to Steam

One of the most popular mods for Just Cause 2, which adds this kind of action multiplayer very soon will appear on Steam. Fashion began to gain popularity in 2012 (that's when its creators have posted a video, in which more than six hundred players did various follies in the world Just Cause 2), and continues to do so until now.
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