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    Hip Interactive, Руссобит-М
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    CPU 800 MHz, 64 Mb, 16 Mb Video
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    CPU 1.5 GHz, 128 Mb, 64 Mb Video
Kill.Switch - person shooter, for the first time presented gamers new features of this genre, as sheltering from the shots for different objects and shot in the dark.
In the story, a gamer manages remote supersoldier Nick Bishop, who have completely erased the memory and turned into the murder weapon. Nick manages man named controller, by means of neural connections. Sometimes our hero shows the memory, from which the controller begins to headache.
This time nick will have to fight in a remote corner of the planets to "play off" between the two local opposing factions. All commands to the controller gives a Archer, who captured the Bishop captured a few years ago.
Archer wants to get more profit from the war between the North and the West through the sale of one of the parties control technology soldiers. But soon over Nick takes over the woman, known as "the Duchess." It plans to carry out an attack on a base controller operates a Bishop before.
What happens next remains to be seen gamer in an exciting, realistic shooter "Kill.Switch".
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