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    1,2 ГГц, 512 Мб, 64 Мб видео
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    2,4 ГГц, 1 Гб, 128 Мб видео
Killing Floor - a first person shooter that support network passing through the main story. The game can play up to 6 people, who will deal with hordes of different monsters - hybrids and mutants of zombies. This game reminds him famous "Left for Dead", but came out a few before her.
The emergence of zombies concerning some of the events in which blame brilliant scientist Kevin Klameli from the UK. He managed to create a technology, which allows you to clone people, even the dead, and then manage their will. Had lost a son and Kevin decides to create its clone, the wife that was not happy, and left her husband, for which he killed it and also cloned.
Some time later, Kevin is not coped with the loss of a real family and creates an army of the dead, subject only to his will. Thus, he seizes power in the UK and its sights on world domination. The only way to prevent falls on the shoulders of gamer, which is to kill the wicked professors.
The game is about 50 different weapons that can help the player to deal with endless streams of zombies, hybrids and mutants. And co-op missions makes Killing Floor of one of the most absorbing and interesting games of the last decade.
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The second part develops

The style continue the game Killing Floor can be described as: “krovavaya brutality sarenna a decent amount sickening and unnecessary cruelty”.

Trailer: Killing Floor Summer Sideshow

In Killing Floor added new weapons, new achievements, a new map and another chance to open the skin Steampunk Foster." Testing the new stuff you can from 5 to 23 July (July 23 - the sale ends. 11 days goes on sale. 12 July - the beginning of the sale).

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