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with makes zombie shooting more terrible

Blood, blades, bullets.

with makes zombie shooting more terrible Killing Floor 2

If I had to choose one word to describe Killing Floor 2, it would be the word "horror". This is a cooperative zombie shooter that is as realistic as possible, but flooded with the blood of the slain monsters.

Developer Tripwire claims to have put a lot of effort to create a better and more diverse weapons. The guns are modeled with high accuracy, almost identical to the real ones. Individual parts of the gun are moving independently of each other. Buckles on the weapon bounce when the player shoots.

The levels are beautiful. In the water reflects the light of the street lamps, like sparks. Each level has its own story: one will tell, where did the monsters, the other will show a destroyed Paris, filled with the souls of dead people.

However, all of these levels are drowning in the blood. Unlike other games, the blood of slain enemies does not disappear. Bloody pool grows with each shot, until the walls and the earth did not become a bloody canvas. Instead of admiring the dynamics of the level, the player hangs on this sea of blood.

This is only one part of the game implemented Tripwire Killing Floor 2. the system is called MEAT (Massive Evisceration And Trauma), tends to make every shot a cruel and destructive. Instead of the five points of a partition as in the original Killing Floor, KF2 has nineteen. Head monster can fall apart into five pieces, and if the Gamer is accurate, you can carry the skull without damaging the brain. The shotgun will tear the zombies in half.

There is no need to try to keep the zombies alive, if there is a desire to see their dismemberment - you can dismember yourself. The developer has even shown a single instance in which launched a shotgun monster in the air, and then juggled his body, dividing it into parts, until he fell to the ground.

The game is amazing. It is impossible to focus on anything else, although there is a Killing Floor 2 without MEAT. Tripwire also improved opponents, giving each type of creatures unique abilities. The location looks beautiful, enemies are terrible.

Tripwire is a good basis for the game Killing Floor 2. now they must prove that they will cope with balancing horrible violence within the game when it comes out on PC.

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  • Date: 08 August 2014 20:33

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