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Multiplayer: There KillSkil is a multiplayer online role-playing game and classic third person shooter "in one bottle". Here you will find all the best that offer today network shooters and games of the genre. KillSkil is a client - side dynamic tps-shooter, which tells about the bloody confrontation large interplanetary corporations in distant galaxies. Fierce combat takes place over valuable resources and influence in the galaxy. Players will make their choice and decide, under whose flag to fight in this online game for boys. You will play the game KillSkil as a mercenary who tries to sell his fighting skills and talent. These qualities of his character, you have to develop and improve - do not forget that this is an RPG. Role-playing shooter implies the necessity of constant development, the developers created an advanced rating system. Each online battle unfolds with the selection of opponents on the basis of their personal characteristics. This makes the shooter RPG equally comfortable both for beginners and for experienced skiers to play online role-playing game. Role structure KillSkil has no classes, so every character in the game online shooter is universal and can quickly retrained. This free game online shooter has many modes and missions. Worked as PVE modes in which you have to fight off hordes of enemies, and the PVP modes, each of which takes place this multiplayer battle. All of these features will certainly be appreciated by lovers play free online shooters. KillSkil has the most advanced capabilities that give now the player only the best free online shooters. The game differs quite accessible interface and simple control system, which is easy to learn everyone who never even played in a third-person shooters or online shooters. Separately worth noting the excellent graphics and detailed study of the game world, who created the developers KillSkil. These qualities of the game surpasses many new shooters on consoles and shooters on the PC. Mysterious and at the same time, realistic characters of distant planets, create a magnificent setting, which makes this particularly exciting computer game - shooter. The client game KillSkil has low system requirements. This makes it much more accessible than many other shooter game.
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