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Killzone 3 is an incredibly dynamic third-person shooter, telling about the clash of interests of the organization ISA Command (which is the main character) and race of the Helghast.
The game's plot is fully continues the development of the second part. The Helghast leader was killed and the nuclear bomb dropped on army earthlings, almost destroyed all their military forces. Survived not many, including the SEV and Rico.
It would seem that the Empire of the Helghast had come to an end, as was overthrown their Emperor, however, the local population, on the contrary, began to feel a sense of patriotism. Now all is left on the planet enemy troops begin to hunt a group of earthlings.
Gamers have to fight an endless streams hordes of the enemy. Player has only one goal - to get out alive from the planet Helghan, but this is not easy in the current conditions.
Chelkantsy also fight amongst themselves. Empire torn by civil war for a vacant throne, even worse exacerbates the situation of perpetrators - of earthlings. Only by adapting to local conditions, and being always on the alert, gamers will be able to overcome all difficulties and to escape from prison.
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New Killzone can announce at E3

Sony is preparing the announcement of a new game from the Killzone series. This is reported by staff portal Siliconera. At their disposal was the text sounding debut video of the new Killzone, which may show in early June at E3 2012 in Los Angeles.

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