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King Arthur: The Role-playing Wargame - real-time strategy with RPG elements and step-by-step strategy. The game received high marks on all gaming sites and in magazines, including Russian.
The gameplay in King Arthur is divided into two main parts - on the map (step-by-step strategy) and directly during the battle (real time strategy). During the battle, very much depends on the development of the characters - they have a magic power (say the magic spells), and not magic (fighting techniques and ability to maintain his army).
From RPG elements should provide an opportunity to "pump"as their own troops and heroes. Soldiers can be improved in several aspects of an attack, protection and so on. Heroes enhancing learn all new and more powerful spells (for example, call lightning).
The game is well thought out campaign. The player needs to build their own state, suppressing the uprising, when the army of volunteers, exploring new technologies (weapons, armor and other), etc. Gamer can capture any territory, if it will allow the situation in the country. It is noteworthy that the player can be a tyrant or a legitimate ruler of his state that strongly influence the development of events in the game.
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