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Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - action - RPG game created for portable systems PlayStation Portable. Its main feature is the presence of three characters, respectively, and three storylines.
The first hero of Terra. It differs magnificent physical attacks. Among other things he is magic land. Second participant games - Aqua. Its advantage is magic. It has a variety of magical attacks, tricks and spells, and that helps him to cope with the wicked. Another hero - Ventus. He holds an incredible speed. That is why he always accompanies the magic of light and air.
The player must complete all three storylines. Each of them is different. However, the game developers are advised to go in search of adventure in order: first Terre, then Ventus, but in the last place with Aqua.
A nice addition to the game is the ability to choose multiplayer mode. And then you can set records, participate in mini-games and fights with each other. For all this, each player can get pretty rare items and opportunities. However, for multi-user mode will have to be wireless Ad-Hoc.
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