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The Japanese company Team ICO with the support of Sony Computer Entertainment is currently working on another melancholy masterpiece called The Last Guardian. The game, which takes place in the universe ICO and Shadow of the Colossus, tells about the adventures of a boy and great, but not terrible Griffin.
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A lot of the gameplay of The Last Guardian

In the past few days the world's gaming press was able to learn more about The Last Guardian. With this, and then connected to the influx of new gameplay videos of the game.
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The creators of The Last Guardian reported on two new games

While fans of The Last Guardian for a long period of time waiting for news about this game, the developers of this game a little at variance with each other studios games, coming in already created or basing their own. So several members of the team The Last Guardian has teamed up together sozdateli his Studio, which is the name of Friend & Foe. Despite its youth, the Studio has already announced 2 new project: "Vane" and "Dangerous boys" ("Dangerous Men").

The Last Guardian still in development

Despite the fact that The Last Guardian really looking forward not only in Japan but also abroad, Studio, SCE Japan Studio are preferred to other projects. Lead designer and Director of the games, Fumito Ueda noted that the game is still in development and the Studio is absolutely not going to freeze or even close.
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New screenshots

With the release of Team Ico Collection, in the network there are a few new screenshots of the next project - The Last Guardian:
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