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League of Legends - a multiplayer computer game from the company Riot Games, which is a blend of strategy and RPG. The main concept of this game taken from the legendary multiplayer map Defense of the Ancients (DotA) from WarCraft III, known to all gamers.
The essence of this interesting game is that you and your comrades to fight in the arena against the opposing team. League of Legends has a very dynamic battle, the victory in which greatly depends on how well you will use your tactical skills.
To fight in the arena you can choose one of several tens of unique characters, each with their own skills, as well as its history. Note also that this game is not only a great beautiful graphics and well thought-out gameplay, but his unusual world set, the story, in which you will want to dive again and again.
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Impressive arts

Another MOBA that has captivated millions of players. Yes, this is League of Legends, popularly called LoL.
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The announcement of the new mode 6 6

It's clear that in the standard LANGUAGE, with three lines in the battle takes 5 gamers, two on top, two on the bottom and one for MIDI. Actually this tactic games and marked the beginning of such expressions as "I'm on MIDI" and "who goes to the foreign Ministry".
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