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LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 - funny children arcade game based on the famous books by JK Rowling. The main difference between this and the other games of the young wizard - that LEGO Harry Potter whole world consists of blocks of the same name of the constructor, in which so love to play all the kids.
Children like to look at puffy toddler, which becomes their favorite hero in this computer toy! The plot LEGO Harry Potter covers the events of the first four books about the adventures of the students of Hogwarts and their friends. By the way, the last you will see a lot in the game more than a hundred characters.
While studying, having fun and talking with Harry, Hermione, Ron and others, you will pass interesting way from home uncles and aunts Harry to the school of magic, to visit their dream of all children. The great advantage of this vibrant and amazing games is that here you can change absolutely everything: in fact, LEGO Harry Potter player is worth your peace of the block of the constructor. In addition, there are all necessary elements of arcade magic: potions, spells, special hours and even "Easter eggs".
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