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Multiplayer: No Unique game Limbaugh is black and white platformer, and to pass it you have to turn brains and show their own logic skills. The plot Limbaugh is that You as a little boy looking for his mysteriously missing sister. And if You do not realize how translated the word Limbaugh, then we will reveal this secret. And this means in translation from Latin "edge of hell", true sounds cool? And together with this guy going. Interesting puzzles will keep the game you until the last. The basis of gapley Limbaugh is the interaction with the surrounding world, to go through another obstacle and finish the level. The farther you go in the game the more difficult it will become as light puzzle will turn into a complicated and very well thought-out trap. If You make a mistake and the hero died, You don't have to start passing the level first, and will still need to solve the puzzle with the place where the error was made.
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The game Limbo already appeared and the Mac App Store, damned to Steam in January
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The game will be released on PC and PS3

Atmospheric and interesting platformer Limbo tells the story of a little boy who woke up in the forest, on the border world of the living and the dead. Players will have to overcome a difficult path through the dark forest and find his sister.

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