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Limbo of the Lost is an adventure game quest, released in 2008. The plot of this game is based on real disaster occurred, of course, not without a touch of hoax. Your character is in a Limbo of the Lost - Benjamin Briggs, the captain of the ship under the name "Maria Celeste", found in 1872 in the Atlantic ocean without a single person on Board.
Together with Mr. Briggs you have to find out what happened to the ship. Your main task th will break away from magdomir called Limbaugh is a terrible gap that separates the worlds of the dead and living apart. After passing through the crowd variety of freaks, you will understand why Limbaugh called the first circle of Hell.
In order to leave this terrible place, you need to feel yourself a detective, a mechanic and a warrior, to solve hundreds of strange puzzles and see more than two hundred different areas. All this, and stylish graphics, exciting plot and simple interface make many players to recommend Limbo of the Lost friends and comrades.
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