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It just so happened that today to find a game whose main theme would be car of outrage, followed by deafening explosions, the rattle of hot metal and insane laughter, almost impossible. the King of the genre in the face of Twisted Metal died a long time ago, but a worthy replacement has not been found.
For this reason, the return of Mad max in the world of video games a hell of a time! This kinosalona, recently distinguished "Road Rage", instead of inordinate love for cars and an irresistible craving for violence every second voluptuous fueled madness.
The story of the game begins with Max trying to get to the Plains of Silence, the existence of which I'm sure even he loses everything – the car, the tiny supplies of water and hope for tomorrow. Any another on its place would limp rot under the scorching sun, but he once again manages to survive.

In addition to that on the very threshold of Valhalla he faces Cham – another crazy, for whom the cars were the true Gods in the new world. As a result, new friends decide to build a machine equal to which the world has never seen. Magnum Opus – the amazing power of the beast, before whom no one can resist a barrier.
The main events of the game unfold around finding new details. You have to help people from widely scattered villages, which, rising to his feet, will not remain in debt. In response, they will be awarded not only the coveted parts, but necessary for survival with fuel, ammunition and diminishing the gold water. Even in such an inhospitable world, no one wants to break into the abode of Odin with a pile of unpaid debts.
The developers have created a huge open world, and made it a very curious way. First, they constructed untouched by the catastrophe space, with interconnected areas and a full infrastructure, and then destroyed them. But despite the desolation in them is hidden the many activities and places of interest. And although their visit is not necessary, some of them will conceal fascinating essays from happy past and present languishing.

Perhaps, any modern game is not able to do without a full storyline, still creating dream machines is difficult to name a key objective. Because Max will enter into an unequal battle with one of the local leaders – Scrotum. While the developers did not bother to tell you what exactly connects them, but we know for sure is that history was founded by George Millerom.
According to the staff of Warner Bros. the game started long before they were joined Avalanche Studio (Avalanch), and at first it Miller managed the creative process. And when joined the case of Swedish developers, he personally and with the mention of the smallest details told to them in any reality exists Max Rockatansky is cruel and unyielding, full of madness and vile laws. And then he stepped aside.

And this is extremely important, because no worthwhile work was not created under someone's close supervision. It is freedom of thinking and implementation of creative impulses works wonders, enhancing the image of real in the eyes of future generations. And the fact that the game will go on the shelves a few months after the start of the film, gives hope for a happy ending – the Avalanche truly was the miraculous freedom, and if the game turns out bad, then it will be solely their fault.
But still the main thing in this Mad Max machine, to survive without them is simply impossible. Heartless messengers of life and death, in whose company will have to spend the rest of the game. Even have to fight more within iron friend. And look road fights is truly impressive. Machines like the multi-ton monsters, enthusiastically calling out for someone else's blood. They growl angrily, furiously tossing the sand and the like have long fallen dragons spew in all directions the flames. And they come together in a battle, my head is spinning – they are constantly pushing, irrigate the sand with millions of sparks and torn from side to side, and the fallen warriors, with a terrible screech burrow into the ground and give your body a cleansing flame.

Importantly, for the development of the game corresponds to the main part of the Avalanche team, based in Stockholm, while Just Cause 3 is engaged not so long ago formed the new York office. And in this case precious experience can play a crucial role in the success of a new adventure Rockatansky.
At the moment Mad Max doesn't look like a trivial appendage to a good movie, but as a self-contained work created by the canons of the cult of the original dark, insane and terrifyingly huge. Not the fact that he will be able to Shine properly on the backdrop of hype created by "Road rage", but if the developers manage to make at least a little variety in the gameplay, it will have all the chances to turn into a memorable trip through the nooks of hell itself.
The release of Mad Max is scheduled for September 4, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and personal computers.

Mad Max the preview of Zobra.ru Mad Max

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