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System requirements

  • Minimum:
    CPU 2,4 ГГц, 512 Мб, 64 Мб видеопамяти
  • Featured:
    CPU 3 ГГц, 1 Гб, 256 Мб видеопамяти
Maelstrom - one of the most controversial strategies over the past few years. The game can truly be called a random emotions. It is their game enough. Every gamer will experience the following States: delight, surprise, anger, boredom, anger, and many others. The authors embodied in the Maelstrom all the best and unique.
In the game embodied wonderful gamedesigners solutions that make it more exciting and brilliant. Many, it simply gushes over the icy water. Maelstrom overwhelmed by the intricacies and details. Many improvements, which are provided practically for each object, make it phenomenal. Characters gain experience that is spent on research of their unique features. In the game you can see our planet after wars and environmental disasters under the threat of alien appearance. People who will be alive divided into two hostile camps. Another interesting feature of the game: by genre Maelstrom - strategy, but it is possible to meet and shooting elements, and various logical tasks.
The game thanks to a beautiful picture, has a wonderful view from afar.
Welcome to the game Maelstrom, where it is possible to control virtually all!
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