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Mafia II is a continuation of the notorious gangster Saga Mafia, which was developed by the creators of the first game. To create a project was created a special engine for the implementation of more precise graphics. Moreover, this move allowed the Studio to apply all the new-fangled and daring tricks in the game. So expect Mafia II is more ambitious, epic and spectacular shoot-outs, races and fights. With the development of a new graphics engine, many processes has greatly improved. And if you like exciting gangster history, be prepared for the most incredible plot twists.
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Jokes and tricks

Mafia 2 is a worthy continuation of the world famous simulator mafia.

Mafia II is a game for the movie.

In the gaming industry all know very well that such a thing as a game of the film, often doomed to failure because it is not only pale and miserable copy of the original work, but generally has little to do with the same concept as the game.
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