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Mafia 3 preliminary review

Attention, attention, says Mos...GamesCom 2015, that it had a full announcement, trailer, video gameplay, Mafia III. How many tears were shed, how many days were prosizhennyh with anticipation of the third part. Some even feared that it was all over, we will not see the continuation and in some ways they were right.

The story of the first Mafia broached 20-30 years, in the days of the Italian mafia, the second part was about the same leap for the next 10-20 years. We did not want large-scale universe, the talk about family values and friendship was much more important. After watching "the Godfather", "Once in America", "Goodfellas" and other remarkable pictures of mafia we wanted to participate in this, because now not many games about that time period and 100% in the third part we're not going back there.

Mafia 3 preliminary review Mafia 3
Now the developers, who by the way has changed to Hangar 13, we decided to throw another 10-20 years in 60-70 years, Forgetting the Italian showdown, or rather making them enemies of the protagonist - Lincoln's clay. This young man is a mulatto, obviously some of the parents were white, but about his family, not words, except that he grew up without it, educated by the street, until a certain time. When he was sent to Vietnam, where the clay and found relatives in the form of colleagues. Upon returning to New Orleans in ' 69, brothers in arms in the past, money to live in the city and the main character enters in local black gang and everything is going fine, but soon they kill the Italians on one thing.

And here Lincoln came up with the revenge, and began to create his own gang and to direct their orders to it, not an easy time. When a country departs from the Kennedy assassination, the first hippie, rock-and-roll passes to the masses, the minorities claim rights and people plunge into the world of drugs and sex. All these aspects certainly should be reflected in the story of the game, after all this and remember that time.
But back to Lincoln and his gang, he declared war on the Italian mafia which kept the city in every area had their own people and in this case he will be assisted by assistants - lieutenants.

Mafia 3 preliminary review Mafia 3
The three of them and they are all immigrants: Burke — head of the Irish mob, Cassandra — the head of the Haitian mafia and old Vito Scaletta, as it brought the court is not clear, because he's Italian, and we struggle with the Italian mafia, but it's the little things, the Italians are different, the main thing, he will be able to tell us what you did in the last years and where did Joe even if it killed him, all fans of the series need to know.

These lieutenants will control the already conquered territory you and help you, for example by calling for backup. In this case, you personally will be able to give control of the territory of a particular companion animal, thereby improving his abilities as Lieutenant, who will be able to help you in a difficult situation. This will also depend on the story itself, depending on to whom you will be more slopes, one can see that is not a linear narrative, and the ending depends on us, even the city will change from our actions.

Mafia 3 preliminary review Mafia 3
Speaking of it, the city itself is from the demo the gameplay captures the spirit of the era, atmospheric, and peculiar to the game of Mafia, but the similarities end there, now this is a brand new Mafia, where more brutality and violence. Clay of the video does not hesitate to break the heads of enemies, pierce them with a knife and skillfully wield weapons, now in this part of Hollywood anymore.

And Hangar 13 in this confession, they made a big emphasis on shooting mechanics, action was to erase once more. In principle this is correct, in those days loved to talk long, just shot in the face, but what to do with the fans of the old series who are used to another, many are not satisfied with what I saw. Mafia is reborn in a new light, and not the fact that good, one of the saddest is the car, not that they explode almost at home in Armored Warfare, with one blow, doing triple flips, and now they go another way, driving is simplified making it more arcadem, but still continue to wait and hope for the best outcome.
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  • Date: 08 August 2015 16:45

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