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    Virgin, Bethesda
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    CPU 500 MHz, 128 Mb, 16 Mb Video
Magic & Mayhem: The Art of Magic - RPG-strategy sequel to the classic Magic & Mayhem. The whole concept of the game has remained the same. Is that the action takes place in other worlds, and in full 3D.
Gamers will play a character named Arax. This courageous young man, knowing that he is a real powerful wizard and must deliver the entire world from the Forces of Chaos. And Araks goes towards danger. He will face in terror, many terrifying creatures.
The task of the hero will explore the many spells that will help to cope with the enemy, to search for artifacts, to perform fairly complex task. In the struggle for the world Araks can cause beings, by creating a whole army. It can be and dragons, griffins, and the knights, and these archers, and Minotaurs and giants. In heavy fights the magician even under force to cause several powerful helpers. But alone. As a boy can learn a huge amount mystic spell, causing a meteor rain or real Apocalypse. And in a difficult situation, you can always turn your skin in iron, in order to protect themselves.
The variety of tasks, interesting abilities and unusual design of the game makes it attractive and exciting.
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