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Magic: the Gathering - Battlegrounds is very undervalued Russian gamers arcade game released in 2003. In our country this game was never officially released, and it is known only to a narrow circle of persons the Name of this game a lot about what I will say only fans of Magic: the Gathering.
Yes, the coincidence is not accidental, " this game is the next graisenia this famous card games. However, Battlegrounds is quite different from other computer versions MtG: this is not a standard desktop playing on the computer, but a real fighting game, the battle between mages one on one. Briefly, the gameplay can be described as follows: for divided into two equal halves landscape are two rivals. Each of them has its own mana, life and the ability to spell. Weapons of mages are playing cards of two of the five colors.
In General, in this game quite well implemented as the interface and graphics performance that can be called one of the best games of the century. The reasons for the unpopularity of this game most likely lies in its diversity from other games of the genre and of originality, which, probably, will appreciate modern gamers looking for something original and atmospheric.
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