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    Mario Kart 8 is exclusive to Nintendo WiU with a unique atmosphere, exciting gameplay, showing the capabilities of the console, in particular, controller WiMout.
Mario Kart 8 has a fun time for a good game in the traditional Nintendo style. Before we improvised a Playground, where you can do anything. And all that surrounds you toys, lively, nimble engine. And in this world you and your children will be a lot of fun - thanks to the unique atmosphere and gameplay elements.
Those who are already familiar with the universe of Mario Kart 8, know that the goal is not to bypass all rivals, and in time to pick up the bonus, of which many are scattered around the map, and thus receive access to arms, from which you want most of these opponents to shoot. On the track there is complete chaos, the cars shooting at each other, turned over, face.... While the mechanics of the car even better than in big serious simulator - you can change cars as you need; a wide range of variety and fun vehicles will test animals from the world of Mario.
On the track will not be bored. The winding tracks have to drift, fun shooting opponents, pick up various bonuses to break away... In connection with such diverse gameplay, the game offers several modes, the first of which is directed solely to catch up and overtake rival, the other to overtake and defeat, the third is simply the arena in which all racers are going to be a fun shoot each other.
Mario Kart is a racing game for Nintendo with the same name as what was once worn by the NFS series and has caused trepidation among PC Gamers. Eighth part was a worthy continuation of the series, but a little different from previous series. The characters, tracks, modes. The rest of the game hasn't changed a bit. Good or bad, to judge players.
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