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    2,4 ГГц, 2 Гб, 512 Мб видео
Mass Effect is a real fighter. Today the game was released for the Xbox, and PlayStation 3, and Microsoft Windows that says about the incredible popularity of RPG.
All the action takes place in the XXII century. By this time people have already mastered communication with extraterrestrial civilizations and unique technology superluminal flights.
The main character, Shepard for several years as a special agent at "Interstellar Council of the Citadel". This time the main task team under the leadership Shepard is the capture of Serena (the apostate). While traveling in the milky Way they discover the Reapers - an ancient civilization which is trying to destroy the entire galaxy.
To cope with the wicked will only be able Saren with their colleagues, some of whom are men, and aliens. Help will come too numerous equipment (more than 150 items), 4 weapons (among them there are rifles, shotguns, pistols and assault weapons that can continuously improve). Separate attention deserves available armor. In the game you can choose one of three options: heavy, medium or very easy. Each of them will only protect a particular character. Is in the Arsenal of soldiers and heavy equipment: great frigate and the Rover. All this will help gamers to cope with dangerous "intelligent machines" and save the world from destruction.
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