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Первые оценки Mass Effect: Andromeda

Критики всего мира получили разрешение на публикацию оценок игры Mass Effect: Andromeda. Ситуация вырисовывается довольно печальная, хотя и прогнозируемая
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BioWare will reveal some secrets of the game

Studio BioWare plans as soon as possible to disclose some messages from the personal pages of the staff involved in the project Mass Effect 4. According to one of the employees, many of his colleagues already have something to share with fans of the products of the Studio, at the same time, the presentation of the product shall be not soon.
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Shepard in the game will not be

BioWare and Electronic Arts is not particularly generous with information regarding the new part of the game Mass Effect. But the exhibition NYCC 2013 Mac Walters, which is the lead writer of Mass Effect 3, slightly opened the curtain on a new part of Mass Effect, which will be the fourth.
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