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At that time, as Jacob discovers Saren obsessed with plans for the destruction of intelligent life in the universe, it can entertain yourself gig on the side and save a small little world together with its multimillion population from Armageddon. So much so that Bruce U. obzavedetsya. He was just a stone enormous sizes, which fell to the Ground. We are all so much more fun: minefields, defensive turrets, evil terrorists, even the hostages there, which you can save. And you can not be saved. Dialogues in the mini addition bit, but to communicate with key characters have, also, like to make some tough decisions. In General, the Bring Down the Sky turned out to complement the small but high-quality, diverse, with a couple of new solutions and quite fascinating story of salvation small world from impending terrorist threat of Armageddon. Oh yeah, we then presented the four-eyed race, spiketooth the Batarians. However, these guys are only interested in their appearance to talk about the newcomers as in detail as other aliens, we did not. Mentioned in passing about their strained relations with earthlings.
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