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    CPU 300 MHz, 128 Mb, 32 Mb Video
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    CPU 500 MHz, 128 Mb, 64 Mb Video
Master of Orion 3 - in-game galaxy sector is going through a terrible shock. Civilization has reached its limit and gradually begins to lose its greatness.
Start to flare up gruesome and Grand war that after not leave a trace. However the living space separate the meantime, here one second is an integer endless centuries humanoid races. All that is left from a turbulent past is impenetrable darkness. It is time to build a new Empire, which will take only the best from the existing ones.
The game is the last part of the most famous space strategies. In the process introduced 16 independent alien races and everybody will be able to create their own unique. For lovers of multiplayer play games online the passage of up to 8 people.
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