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Medieval 2: Total War - Kingdoms - strategy with a large number of epic battles. As you know, the middle ages is the epoch of knights, who had fantastic bravery and courage.
The river was red from the blood, and the wounded and abandoned on the battlefield soldiers begged for a quick death. In such battles history was made of people. Each new Governor would try to spin the wheel war and start a great bloodshed.
Medieval 2: Total War - Kingdoms will take the player into the ancient world of America and Northern Europe.
Here continues the famous series of games, where in every battle are thousands of soldiers. Available to the passage of four different periods, each of which will have to besiege and defend the great castles.
At your disposal will be thirteen civilizations and about 150 soldiers of the new type that is not a small number. The army of Christians, the Spanish conquistadores and Orava of the Gentiles are ready to rush into battle. Defeat of the enemy on the battlefield, and write a new history.
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