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Medieval: Total War - computer three-dimensional strategy, 2002 edition. This is the second game of the popular series of Total War, in which you have to fight with the enemies in real time on the territory of medieval Europe, covers numerous bloody wars.
The period of this game - 1095 in 1453 year - one of the most interesting, but difficult times for the region. In the game you will be able to participate in the hundred years war between France and England, to protect Europe from the invasion of the Mongols and even change the course of history.
Depending on your preferences, you will be able to become the Emperor of Byzantium or, for example, the famous hero of Richard the Lionheart. 12 States, more than a hundred species of unique units, extraordinary beauty, castles and magnificent battle, well-known characters of history - all this you will see in Medieval: Total War, one of the best strategies of the century.
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