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Metro: Last Light is a direct continuation of the famous action going on both Metro 2033. The player will plunge into a dark and terrible world of the Moscow metro, where roam thousands of various enemy creatures, spiders, ghouls, brownies and other hellish creatures. The game's plot is borrowed from the series of novels by Dmitry Glukhovsky "Metro 2033". Engine for action selected is the same that was used when creating a series of Stalker Developer also is the Ukrainian company "4A Games".
The main character is again Artem is a regular guy, who was born and raised in the Moscow, what we know today. After the terrible of the Apocalypse, the city was in ruins and on the surface of life has become almost impossible. Survivors fled in the only place of refuge station.
Here are their colonies, their individual societies, each pursues its own interests - real underground state with its own laws, government, and other aspects.
But, as expected in any post-apocalyptic society - are also present war and chaos. Two strongest grouping - the red and the Nazis, without end fighting with each other, and then capturing territory and killing civilians. The cause of the conflict, as always, was the desire for domination over the whole territory of the subway. It needs to seize the horrible bacteriological weapon (Ebola virus), capable to carry out the plans of one of the warring factions.
This time, our main character will be needed to prevent a civil war, and for this purpose it is necessary to protect the virus from the evil hands.
Gamers will have no time to be bored in this thrilling action. The game has a huge number of dynamic scenes, terrifying and frightening moments. Now and then the player will fall hordes of mutants or enemy soldiers to kill which is a big problem.
Compared with the previous part, Metro: Last Light improved and added a new weapon (in all there are 14 kinds of guns including knives). Improved artificial intelligence is now the enemy of creation will not give to kill themselves just. Mechanics of the game has been modified, added steels elements, thanks to which the main character can unnoticed to Wade through enemy territory, developed and other less important aspects of the action with the wishes of the gamers.
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Metro: Redux. Cover and art

Soon, to be exact this summer will see the release of Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light for next gen platforms: X-Box One and PS 4.

On weekdays developers of Metro: Last Light

Jason Rubin in the past year has been President of the company THQ and held this position until the bankruptcy. He recently told the public in an interview with GamesIndustry International about the difficult moments of creation shooter Metro: Last Light.

Video "new shooter"

3 part video sequences in which the developers have talked about the possibilities and peculiarities of their new shooter.
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When starting the game will not have multiplayer

Initially it was reported that the draft Metro: Last Light will be a multiplayer mode. Yesterday Studio 4A Games announced that he had decided to temporarily slow down its development. Some time ago on several multiplayer ideas worked for a small private group of developers.
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13 minutes of gameplay

Metro: Last Light shocked E3 2012 its stunning demo version of the game, taking inthe more than 20 E3 nominations and awards.
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