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Metroid: Other M - the main character is everyone's favourite Samus Aran and now she's back. The game will tell about the events that happened between Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion. Camus again comes into galactic army and had a meeting with old friends. However all not so is simple, while it is not explicitly something happened.
Boss Aran kept under guard, and this is not good and soma girl called an apostate. However, when it comes to the battle, all beginning to understand that it will be difficult to do without the heroine in yellow-red suit. Now Samus will lead the war against alien invaders.
She leads the fight on Board the great ship and does not intend to retreat. For all time of conducting fight greatly enriched weapons. Enemies can be destroyed as a normal accurate shot and large combo hits. Will have to work hard to defeat the boss.
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