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Might and Magic 9: Writ of Fate - playing game, published in 2002. This is already the tenth under the account part of the RPG called Might and Magic.
The team of heroes, before heading towards a real adventure, trained in city Rainsford. It show the dangers that lie in wait on the way, and all the possibilities in the battle with the enemy. And only after that the characters on the ship going in Mendous. Little death before reaching the destination, the ship was wrecked. So, the team falls on the island of Dust.
There's heroes learn that land Chadian is in danger. She's been attacked people Timur LEng. And to cope with this fight is possible only by combining all of the local rulers. On this and solved the heroes of the game together with Forada Darra, which is introduced on the island.
In the game, each character will have its own unique characteristics. They will help determine who will cope with any task. To help the heroes in the struggle for peace called all sorts of magic spells and a huge Arsenal of weapons.
Will triumph, or there is no justice on earth Ceduna, depends on the correct decisions on the part of the gamer. And this fascinating process is already attracting millions of players.
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