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cool game!!!!
you can install mods,maps,plugins,shadery.
real beautiful game when put shaders =0
O T T O TH! ! ! ! stupid game!!!!! if you byloby put HHL 0 billow
Toy 10 points. Hang in her sometimes for hours :D All advise this product Notch'a *THUMBS UP*
Minecraft is a unique game, which simply does not exist. Despite the extremely unusual gameplay, quickly get used to it, and that's when the fun begins...
This game is a perfect match for the genre of Adventure, the player really immersed in a virtual world full of adventure. It's not an RPG, full of events and meetings. Here you are alone with your imagination, it's just you create a play space. Many, when they first saw the game, ask "what is the purpose/meaning of the game?", and to this question is not so easy to answer, because the player himself fills the game sense.
The possibility of the player in the game is enormous, and when you consider the thousands of amazing mods, they are practically limitless!

And this all only applies to single player... but in Minecraft there is also multiplayer! Even without buying the game, you can go to one of thousands of servers, or create your own. And then, together with other players, the game turns into a real simulator of society. Resource extraction, construction, trade, hunting, rivalry and battles - all of this: in the INFINITE and unique world, and it is another feature of Minecraft...

I haven't mentioned? When creating a game, the algorithm creates a unique, whole new world, with extremely realistic landscapes and limitless areas for research.

So what are you waiting for?! Create YOUR own WORLD!

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