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Mirror's Edge 2 is a story about a utopian, at first glance, the city, where there is virtually no crime, and all people live quietly and peacefully.
But, as found philosophers for many centuries ago, utopia is impossible. To get such an order on the streets, the authorities had to impose a strict totalitarian regime, which is very difficult to see with the naked eye. The government of the megalopolis's all very well masks under pure democracy - chatting with whom I want, do what you want, go anywhere you want to.
However, this is only an illusion. For all the peace and tranquility hides a terrible control over the population. Under observation every resident of the city: telecommunications, transportation and even private life - all controlled by the authorities.
Sending personal message on any traditional form of communication is impossible. To share secret information people have to use the services of the so-called runners ("runners"). They pass notes and parcels from sender to recipient, but without using any means of transport. Runners move solely on his feet, rushing through the streets and roofs of various buildings.
It is one of the runner s offered to play gamer. The main character is a girl named faith Connors. Mirror's Edge 2 - shooter from the first person, but the main aim of the game is not the destruction of hostile-minded characters. Here the player will have to plunge into the world of parkour.
Faith has unique abilities, which allow her to leap over tall buildings, jump over wide steeps and perform various parcourue tricks. However, the developers have taken care that the main character was able to carry different types of weapons. Gamer from time to time will kill malicious police officers who will always be met him on the road. The player will have to decide for yourself is to bypass enemy with the help of acrobatics, or just kill him.
The weapons in the game you cannot carry indefinitely - as soon as you run out of ammo, faith throws it. The heavier a portable barrel, the more slowly and clumsily will be movement heroine. So gamers twice need to think about, to carry him a weapon or is it better to get rid of it.
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