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The story begins 500 years ago, when the annual, the most prestigious on Earth tournament martial arts (Shaolin tournament was interrupted by the appearance of an old sorcerer named Shang Tsung. He was accompanied by a strange four-armed creature half-man and half-politikon of the Shokan race, named Goro, and he became the champion of Mortal Battle for the next 500 years. Goro killed at the tournament of the Great Kung Lao, the previous champion. His victories were part of the plan of Shang Tsung to capture the Earthly Kingdom to the Emperor of the External World. It took 500 years ... The warriors of Earth's last chance to restore the balance in the Universe and beyond is to win the tournament and to interrupt the chain of victories warriors of chaos. As warriors of the External World has already won nine tournaments in a row, the tenth was a decisive factor in determining who will rule the World - Light or Darkness.
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