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Our game "Mortido"

In Dimitrovgrad (Ulyanovsk for the first time in the area) opened
Studio 3d modeling "Coener-Studio".
It's been a few days since the launch of our project is to develop indie games "Mortido".
Let me share the first material)
Our game
Mortido is a game that takes you into the colorful and fantastic world. You immerse yourself in the story of the people who have lived their lives, taking not easy and not always the right decision... the story of the posthumous journey of the human soul... a long 40 days. The main character will periodically return to the living world (through End s), learning more about his past and gradually remembering it
With each new event, you will learn how and WHY the hero was in this situation.
You will find a lot of strong emotions, the deeper You'll be immersed in the created universe, the more you will notice game features:
- Full gamepad support
- A variety of riddles and puzzles directly or indirectly related to the subject
- Several worlds with their own unique styles
- Interesting and mysterious fates of the characters
- Beautiful graphics, made in anime style
- More than 100 different animated characters
- Absolute freedom of action
- Unique system of skills development
- Honing the abilities of the character directly in the gameplay (with each new quality performance of acrobatic elements, the character does them all better).
Our game
Our game
Our game
Our game

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  • Date: 10 October 2015 11:13

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