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Mr. Robot - an exciting, unpredictable plot twists, a computer game that immerses gamers in an unreal world of the cosmos. RS-player will fly on the ship "ray Bradbury" in the vast expanses of space, together with the colonists, immersed in the dream state, underserved planet "Prime". All systems of the spaceship and the team of robots work under the supervision of "HELL" - superhuman intelligence. HEL is responsible for the success of the flight.
The youngest ship equipment Asimov, interfere with work problems in the main on-Board computer, which is out of order and decided to kill on Board the spaceship absolutely everyone. But Asimov don't like that and he decided to destroy the insidious computer.
Asimov have to fight with clever electronics, to bypass all its traps and obstacles, help the good, to kill "bad", command personnel in the fight, in which subordination, computer.
Overcoming the most difficult obstacles, Azimov secretly dreams of becoming an expert on the ship, but only unnerving this HeLa. Artificial intelligence without senses. Although sometimes Azimov feels hatred artificial intelligence.
Many have to endure Asimov on Board the ship. Such tests will break all. But Azimov will be the winner in any trouble. He is not a man, he is a Robot.
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