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Mythos - Action/MMORPG, bringing together the dynamic combat and easy operation with large scale and complex system of character development. The game takes place in a fantasy world Ould. For a long time, there are fights between selfish gods and numerous races inhabiting the planet. However, the day came when the light appeared hero who will win in this war. This hero is you! In Mythos contains four playable races - wise people, mystical satire, creative gremlins and all-powerful cyclone. Each race has its own unique abilities and talents, and in combination with various game classes of users have the ability to create unique, absolutely unique character. The game is developed system of craft, all players can build their weapons and armor from the collected resources, or don't need the things you can make out the ingredients. Players can join in the Guild to defeat the most powerful enemies, or to fight with each other in the arena. World Ould awaits its heroes!
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In Mythos has launched a new PvE mode "Protection crystal"

Now you can test your skills in the new PVE mode "Protection of the crystal". Defy hellish creatures the Emplacement! The essence of the regime is simple, to protect the crystal from the army of monsters Pruszcz at him from all sides.
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MMORPG Mythos requires professionals to combat the undead!

MMORPG Mythos requires professionals to combat the undead! In the period from 30 September to 02 October Rotting Ghost and his loyal minions will attempt to sneak into the fortress of Hope and to turn all of its inhabitants in skeletons.
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Video review of Mythos

Video related Mythos a lot, but here is a good only two, first in Russian, the second is more detailed, but in English. I have long wanted to make a video review, but do not know how to work with video, if someone can, knock! Cooperate and do)
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Announced update misty island 2.0

Soon on the server multiplayer online games Mythos will be installed the 2.0 update called Misty Island. And immediately after this, the contest starts "Race" with real prizes. The level cap will be raised to level 55, adds a new PvE mode, in which you will need to protect the special crystals from hordes of monsters.
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