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Need for Speed: The Run - continuation of the legendary series of video games about illegal race without any rules. This time the main character will have to take part in the automobile marathon through the entire United States. The first of two hundred participating riders to break the distance between San Francisco and new York, receives $25 million. The struggle continues in the shootout, so after each step the number of candidates for the prize is reduced.
The game is not accidentally called "The Run", which means "Escape". First, the keepers of law and order is not like that on the highways of the country are illegal arrivals. Therefore, they make a desperate chase and block the roads. Secondly, Jack - the main character of the project pursues the mafia, which he owed a lot of money. And if the police can only arrest racer plans of the bandits, whose representative also participates in the contest, is the physical destruction of the main contender for the prize.
Each stage is original and unique, so to play Need for Speed: The Run" fun and interesting. Gamer waiting for arrivals by small streets and avenues, dusty desert roads, narrow canyons, snow-covered mountain passes and the asphalt covered by an ice crust. Car travel between West and East coast of North America, the duration of which around 5 thousand miles, allows to get acquainted with the most beautiful natural sights and U.S. national parks in this country.
Otherwise, the game "Need for Speed" stays true to himself: dozens of the most beautiful, fast and expensive cars, multiple game modes, and the ability to play with friends over a network, no limitation in speed and no compromises in relation to competitors. But a new series game engine "Frostbite 2" gives the project a truly stunning visual effects and a nearly perfect physical model. The passage of the "NFS: The Run" takes on average a few nights, but most of the races so good and interesting things that I want to participate in them again and again.
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My opinion about the game

Continuing the topic of game discussion,I agree with the previous opinion that the game is mildly speaking not very good as claimed by the advertising and the creators of the game.
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Details Need for Speed: The Run

Participants in a Grand raceknown as The Run, in the game Need for Speed The Run will be actors Christina Hendricks (Christina Hendricks) from Mad men and Sean Faris (Sean Faris) from "Never give up", and Russian supermodel Irina Shayk and American Teigen Chrissy (Chrissy Teigen).
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Trailer for NFS: The Run from Michael Bay

EA has released a new trailer for Need For Speed: The Run, made prominent Hollywood Director Michael Bay (Michael Bay). The clip was opened after facebook page NFS: The Run said sufficient number of people. Oh, this FB is blackmail.
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Need for Speed The Run - test Series

We present you a series of tests - a new way of playing Need for Speed The Run. Compete in more than 70 races on your favorite tracks. Join the Autolog system and compare your results with your friends. Win and get awarded with an exclusive machine and awards.
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New cars in The Run!

In the fifteenth part of the story about cars Need for Speed The Run we will tell you about Mazda RX-7 RZ, which was released in limited quantities of super-fast bull - Lamborghini LP670-4 SV and the car Porsche 918 RSR
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Knurling on the disk

We all know that a new part of the NFS series will be available in November and its output I have prepared some nakatok to print on the disk. Look...
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