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    Atari, Акелла
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    2 GHz, 1 GB, video 256 MB shader 2.0
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    3 GHz, 2 GB, video 512 MB shader 3.0
Neverwinter Night 2 is a computer role-playing game. Its essence lies in the fact that the hero and his team confronts the mythical creation - the King of Shadows. Start with that character gets into a little village, where the beginning of his adventure.
Over the village, the West Harbour attack beings bergery and githyanki. Hero to know the reason for the attack on the village of gitanos. He learns that they were looking for pieces of the sword, which you can use to kill the King of Shadows. When githyanki become losers, the king of Shadows threatens the whole world and hero Neverwinter.
The first act of the game - after the victory over dogarama hero receives the order from the father - to find the piece, which he hid in a swamp. This object is a thing for which are attacks on the village. This piece hero must be attributed in Neverwinter.
The second act of the play. In it the main character goes in search of his grandfather Sundry. He is accused in the murder of villagers. The game is looking for evidence of innocence of the accused. Next comes the court.
The third act of the game. The hero was appointed knight. He becomes captain of the fortress at the crossroads. The fortress is not clear why was abandoned and later conquered by the hero. He began to have the right to collect taxes from the peasants and fees from merchants. He has a lot of work, because you need to clear the fortress of thickets and defend against attacks of robbers. After gamer will spend time and energy on the cleansing of the castle, it will give him an income.
Hero - peasant is forced to win the trust of residents with blood and sweat. The actions of a party game that will radically change the game itself, and to influence its future.
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