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Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide - this add-on, which is designed specifically for computer game Neverwinter Nights. It just adds to the main plot adventure RPG several important news. So, there was a brand new company.
It all starts with the fact that the kobolds are attacking the village. Drogana wounded, and he begins to suffer from poison. Next comes Ayala, elf-Harper. Using magic, it returns him strength and health, and says that they Dragana are members of the Harp. Then there's the job in which you want to return the missing artifacts. This is the beginning of an exciting journey through the mysterious world in search of the mysterious subjects.
New to the game is the emergence of five prestigious classes. Among them: Black Guard, Killer, Dancer Shadow Magic hands, the Scout Harper. However, innovation is not over. In the game there and many unique spells. You receive an opportunity to manage all available equipment mercenary. A nice addition would be a huge number of new unusual creatures.
All these innovations will fall by the way gamers who want to diversify your favorite game and avoid the death of his character.
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