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NHL 12 - sports game of the series, released by EA Sports. In this part was modified engine, made interesting additions. For example, made more spectacular collision, and from strong shocks bursts glass for masks.
The main update can be called an improvement of resistance of a team of computer - defenders strongly interfere with roll up to the gate, whereas before they reacted belatedly. Did less skilled skaters players - now you can drop the drive.
But stability has not lost some players, but goalkeepers. In the brawl defenders and strikers at the gate they often gets. That's just not attack the goalkeeper if the judge decides that the attack was deliberate, you can get a fine in two minutes. Everyone was allowed to wave fists, what they enjoy doing in response to the offense.
An interesting innovation is the possibility to hire a team of legends of hockey. Buy card-players for real and virtual money in a shop or auction.
The developers decided to bring into play the female half of humanity and created a female character.
Small difficulties arose when a network the Internet battles, but they were able to solve it.
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Game NHL 12 set a new personal record sales

Apparently, the fans love hockey even more. Electronic Arts announced that a new series of NHL 12 gathered about 451 thousand sales in the first week after starting the game. This is a new record for the franchise for the first week.
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Roll to play NHL 12

New knurling on CD simulator hockey NHL 12. Let me remind you, the game will officially appear on the 9th of September 2012. I hope the fans will enjoy.
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