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"Operation 7" is created specially for fans of hard realistic first person shooters, and this means that in the game you will not find any goblins and elves, no magic and fantasy. But only here you will find numerous skirmishes and savage battles in your favorite modes death-match or team-match, as all the in-game space "Operation 7" - a huge battlefield. One of the unique features of "Operation 7" system is a modification of arms (W.M.S.), which makes available a complete upgrade of the equipment and, in fact, allows players to create their own unique murder weapon. Full immersion in the atmosphere of violent skirmishes will like, first of all, the large army of the Russian stralstou, and all players wishing to obtain powerful adrenaline! Freely distributed client and completely free gameplay, not providing for the subscription fee (free-to-play) - supplementary bonuses that will allow you to get pleasure from the project to the maximum number of Russian players.
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The Results Of The Moscow Open Cup Operation 7, 2012

We did it!!!! Yes, exactly, with multiple exclamation marks I want to start this news. Saturday ended with the second LAN tournament of the project, which brought a lot of surprises. Details and impressions will be later, because I suspect that it is more interesting to most of you the results of the tournament:
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The results of the competition "Halinski lantern"

Source: official website of Operation 7 The contest was finished masters of all trades, users who were masters not only mouse and keyboard, but with pumpkin did a great job. Recall that participants were asked to make a lantern out of a pumpkin or other vegetable and photograph these things work on the background paper with the inscription Op7 (or write Op7 in the vegetable).
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The contest screenshots "Two years together"

Source: official website of Operation 7. Dear users, a week and a bit left before the birthday party project Operation 7. Many of you met and became friends here, someone even managed to get married, someone the child was born, someone has found a friend with whom you and your back trust under a hail of bullets and the explosion of Alcatraz to go....Everyone has something connected with the project.
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Event "Soak the pumpkin"

Approaching the second Halloween, which we are in the vastness of the project Operation 7. On your numerous requests, dear users, exactly three days you will be able to enjoy the event "Soak the pumpkin."
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Competition Costume party 2012"

In Russia, Halloween has appeared recently, but, nevertheless, he had already found their traditions and their fans. Many noisy and fun celebrating it in clubs and discos. For us, this holiday is an occasion to have fun in the company of a loved project Operation 7 and friends, to kill rushing past the pumpkin or catch a witch on a broom.
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Moscow Open Cup Operation 7, 2012 announcement.

Friends, not far off an important date for us, the birthday of beloved project Operation 7! The administration proposes to spend this holiday, have already become a good tradition, on the battlefields in one of the Moscow clubs. We invite all of you to the second "live" tournament of the project of the Moscow Open Cup Operation 7, 2012.
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