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The release date for PC: October 12, 2011. Orcs Must Die! - fantasy action strategy. Orcs Must Die is a fantasy action/strategy, in which players must defend the fortress attacked by orcs. At your disposal will be a lot of weapons and traps that you can install on enemies. The Orc race, which started in middle-earth, for half a century had spread to such a number of universes, and it is not right to count. The orcs had to show considerable adaptability and ability to evolution. In Forgotten realms they have acquired a grey tinge to skin, in the worlds Warhammer sharply green and came in the shoulders, and in Azeroth and even got rich inner world and delicate, vulnerable soul. But there is one truth, fair for the majority of universes. It combines the orcs all countries, peoples and confessions. Whatever the orcs and wherever they live, people they have relationships, to put it mildly, strained.
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Today Steam sells Orcs Must Die!

It is time for PC gamers to join the hordes of murderers orcs. The sales of the game Orcs Must Die!, as promised launched today, October 12.
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Announced release date of the game Orcs Must Die!

Gamers who closely followed the action in the style of tower defense called Orcs Must Die! finally, wait for the announcement of the release date. The developers of Robot Entertainment recently announced that the game will appear on Xbox Live Arcade on 5 October. The PC version of the game will be released a little later, on 12 October.
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