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Some 10 years ago in the vastness of the gaming industry flourished in the Union in which a California Studio Obsidian acted as a faithful apprentice at the famous Bioware. But those good times were far behind. After the departure of Bioware founders finally faded, but Obsidian, despite all the troubles, finally proved their worth. And helped her in Pillars of Eternity.

This is a classic party RPG at the same time like Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale and even Planescape: Torment. And frankly, the similarities are startling. All because the developers made a bet on the reinterpretation of the familiar to many of genre, and copying and subsequent revision of his best ideas.

Like most fantasy role-playing games Pillars of Eternity begins with character creation, on which at desire it is possible to spend more than one hour. Many races, classes, and biographical references allow you to create a unique character in the company which will be cozy to experience the impressive size of the adventure.

It begins with the attack of a handful of religious fanatics on the caravan in which fated is the main character. In the end, it turns into a slaughter, which is suddenly interrupted by a magical storm, destroying all life in its path. As you might expect, living in this commotion is selected only the future Savior of the world.

The Foundation Pillars of Eternity outrageously predictable – the player travels the world, looks at his uncomfortable corners and fights with various villains, and in between are several long conversations. Have read so much that is embedded in the word game, you can collect a couple of thin novels.

In such a situation, the text quality is extremely important. Fortunately, the writers have worked out well – written game great. Each offer pleasing form and content. In some moments and altogether the impression that you are not a video game, and full interactive novel.

And, apparently, Obsidian are well aware of their strengths. Because in order to increase the in-game fiction, they rewarded the main character the ability to relive scenes from past lives of others. Thanks to what the game world was flooded with static characters created for the short story, but a truly fascinating stories, simultaneously extending the boundaries of the gaming universe. Although with her in Pillars of Eternity is not so smooth.

The catch is that looking at the classics of the genre, Obsidian has provided for his creation in almost all existing stamps, ranging from arrogant wizards, and ending with the flesh-eating undead. For this reason, the world of Pillars of Eternity turned out to be a secondary and rather predictable. Although this fact was in any case not spoil the overall impression, it does not allow the game to Shine properly. However, the combat system is also not supportive.

And all because the battle takes place in real time, and the only way to vary the action of the wards is active pause. The problem is that on the highest difficulty level the fights are too messy. There are many adversaries, they are reluctant to die, and what is happening is no different responsiveness.

The panacea in this situation could be a lower difficulty levels, but they presented absolutely no challenge, hence, only bored.
But along the way the main character you get a real castle with its own ghosts and skeletons, carefully immured in the wall. But its condition is deplorable, and only the player can help the stone monster to gain its former power. It would seem a trifle, not bearing absolutely no meaning, but to observe the resurrection of the dusty rooms extremely pleasant.

Do not wait for Pillars of Eternity serious achievements. This is another attempt to regain lost past. And despite the fact that it is beautifully written and is incredibly exciting, it trumps everything we've seen, and far more than once. Although this does not mean that to dust off the familiar pages so not nice.
Our estimate of 8.5 points.
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