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    1,2 GHz, 256 MB, video 128 MB, 56k
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    2,4 GHz, 512 MB, video 256 MB, broadband
Portal - computer puzzle game with elements of the quest and action. The developer is the company Valve Corporation. Release date October 2007.
The action takes place in a universe of Half-Life, namely in the laboratory for the study of natural portals. Differently-in the computer center Corporation Aperture Science.
The main character is a girl Chell. It passes all tests. Using a special hand-held device, you must solve puzzles.
Through established portals you can move the objects, or even to move yourself. But space is limited to a flat surface. At the same time you can open only orange and light blue pass.
If you open two wormholes of the same color, the first will be automatically closed. The kinetic energy of the body, created through the hole, is saved. Velocity (its magnitude and direction) is also unchanged relative to the plane. You need to perform the opening of calculating: so in the same amount of the player was able to gain energy, and after leaving the other to spend it on overcoming various obstacles.
In the game 19 rooms, which can be reached by Elevator. There are also several outbuildings. Tasks become more complicated when passing. Permitted to combine different techniques, for example, to move cargo cube on the button, while using a ball of energy as a source of energy. As obstacles are wall that prevents you from creating a passage. Besides them this force field and acid.
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