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Portal 2 - continuation of the beloved gamers project "Portal", which tells about the adventures of a girl Chell in the underground Laboratory, exploring the nature of portals. As is known, in the first game Guinea Chell able to go through many trials and eventually to cope with the supercomputer GLaDOS, destroying it. However, the heroine is immersed in a state of suspended animation. The action "Portal 2" takes place after some time, when Chell is waking up in a strange underground room.
Spherical module personality Wheatley helps her get out of the room and get to rescue capsules. But, accidentally mistaking the button, rather than having to send a character to freedom, restores GLaDOS, and Chell again in danger. Now she, together with Wheatley, again will try to destroy the evil supercomputer. What the outcome of this struggle will learn gamers, going along with the heroes of the project many portals.
Game Portal 2 is the first person. The gameplay is plenty of puzzles which can be solved by applying the device that generates the portals through which the player is able to quickly move in space, and carry with them the necessary items.
The creators have made a lot of changes in the new development. Now in the process of playing the hero is able to influence and help him in his mission even flow through the pipes underground complex. For example, "repulsive gel" allows the gamer to make very high jumps, and orange push gel increases several times the speed of a character or object.
To pass the test chamber invented "transport funnel" energy blue tunnel, moving objects, gels and player. And on the "bridges dense light can pass through a dangerous precipice. These bridges also serve as a barrier to the sentry guns. Test camera can travel great distances through "air panel of faith", etc.
Probably, the main feature of the "Portal 2 is, in addition to the single player, the presence of a cooperative mode, is designed for 2 players that can interact and solve puzzles and pass the test chamber. Gamers have each pair portals and can use the inputs of each other. To avoid confusion in the portals, their pairs are painted in different colors: first red, orange, the second purple and blue coloring. If a player dies, then re-appears in the same place is very convenient, as it requires a new download of the project. In cooperative mode of your story, it operates two experimental robot created GLaDOS. Thanks to them, the game time increases by almost 8 hours.
In the "Portal 2" full of jokes and humor, it has great graphics. Unlike other computer projects, the game has excellent musical compositions. And its interesting, full of trendy gadgets story will long restrained to screen many gamers.
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CNC arts

Another masterpiece from the company Valve, which often forces the player to think, and sometimes even laugh. Yes, this Portal.
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Portal 2 on PC sold better than on consoles

In almost every case, when the game comes out on consoles and PC, the console versions are sold on a ton more copies. Like, not even close to compare. But only if we're not talking about Valve games.
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