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On the PSP, PS2, Wii game will be released in the fourth quarter of 2011 On the PS3, Xbox 360, PC in Europe, the game will be released October 14, 2011. On the PS3, Xbox 360, PC in Russia the game will be released on September 29, 2011. Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 (abbreviated PES 2012) - multi-sports simulator series, Pro Evolution Soccer, the eleventh in a series of PES and ninth facing the PC. Artificial intelligence in Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 was superior in all aspects of the game, the AI is really significantly progressed in control of the game all over the field. "A team game is what separates the greatest teams from the other, and it is well-coordinated team work and instinctive game became Central news PES 2012" - says chief creative producer Shingo "sea bass" Takatsuka. Thus, artificial intelligence (AI) in the game has gone through a major renovation, players feel more than ever as part of this team. The attack in PES 2012. Much attention is paid to the game in attack. The number of new advantages is the ability to act in an aggressive manner and thus to set the pace of the game. Together with the new powers of artificial intelligence, it will increase the teamwork in the attack and will more effectively withdraw players one-on-one with the goalkeeper. In addition, players will move more reasonable, therefore, the players will be more options for the accurate transmission and ability to hold the ball. The team in PES 2012 will be to act as a unit, athletes will react to a teammate with the ball, forcing opponents to make a mistake and open up. Defense in Pro Evolution Soccer 2012. Many of the changes undergone zone custody and positional protection to cut defense "wiser" the enemy will be much harder. Defenders under the control of artificial intelligence is much more reliable reflect attack, choosing the optimal position and effectively leading opponent. Management in PES 2012. Using the right analog joystick now you can easily switch to any field player. This will quickly respond to threats and pick off enemy attacks. Control the player without the ball will open new opportunities for aggravation of the situation when performing hits from the gate, angular, fine and throw in. In addition, the player without the ball, will be able to lead away a defenders, and thus make way for fast breaks and outputs on the gate. Management improved. According to official information, in the new game PES 2012 gamers will be able in parallel (simultaneously) to manage the two players on the field. The new management system teammates (Teammate Control), Konami recently shown, allowing gamers to move players without the ball at the time of standards and outs of his team. To do this, you must move the right analog in the direction in which the player that You want to manage. Same function will be available in real-attack - controlling the player with the ball using the directional buttons, You, with analogues, will be able to open another player. This will need to hold R3. After You release R3, management of Windows that player will take on AI. "We worked hard to add in a simulator Teammate Control, and we are very pleased that this system will debut in PES 2012",- stated the leader of the team PES in Europe, John Murphy. Not going to quote the words Murphy, but, in General, he noted that this system is a crucial step in the virtual world of football. It was also noted that in PES 2012 will be updated system of penalties and improved reaction of the players. Features Pro Evolution Soccer 2012: Besides realistic persons players in votsime also much improved detailing players, also added the sweat on their faces, improved lighting and shadows players, while all graphics ultimately did not change significantly. The new grid at the gate Physics of the ball Table of the match and the main menu of the game remains the same Added a new mode called "Football Life" (Football life). It was added to replace mode "Become a Legend"(Become a Legend) Added a new-old regime "Full workout" The game features the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and Copa Libertadores
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Long forgotten game

In the new season of Pro Evolution Soccer will become more realistic due to substantial improvements in management systems and artificial intelligence. In the game, licensed UEFA Champions League and European League UEFA, presents all the stars of world football with all the features of their playing style and set of tricks.
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