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Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 - the legendary football game from Japanese developer Konami. The game is already the 13th part of the PES series.
Gamers can choose any team and lead it to the finals in one of the Champions League, which in PES 2013 for 9. In the beginning you will have to play a little-known or completely unknown players in the Junior division. However, after successful victories in matches the situation changes. To win some cash gamer will be able to buy new and more powerful players, selling available. Next open even more opportunities - can be bought for money of different things, such as simulators, which help the entire team to become stronger.
As always, developers enter into a new part of his masterpiece various innovations. The most striking thing to notice - 50 football stars in the game, it is almost an identical copy of these athletes. With the help of technology motion capture, the creators have managed to give their players all possess a valid - gait, style, hitting, running and even habits (such as facial expression, some manipulation of hands, etc.).
Gamers have become available such innovations as the ability to lock the torso of the opponent players, a change of pace doing the sword, the opportunity to transfer the ball through the opponent and his wings behind him and much more. Artificial intelligence improved several times: goalkeepers now better anticipate the direction of the ball and better catch it, fielders independently think through the tactics of the game - gamers remains to understand the intention of the team members and to take some action.
The game improved and the graphics part. On the football field every detail is visible until the movement of individual blades of grass. All the stadiums in which the games are also copied from the original. Sitting on them for the fans suddenly start to shout any slogans, sing songs, create, live wave, and much more. Depending on the importance of matches, the number of people in the stadiums also varies, so if in the beginning of his career gamer will not be able to see it filled to the brim stands - this is normal.
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