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this necessa game played on xbox 360 graph and the plot is just driving us crazy..camping
The game is great pity short, pleased racing cars and a variety of jobs.
Great game.Graph pleased and most importantly,the plot of the game is where you take a lively part.Many side storylines that can be bypassed,but the atmosphere of the game so sucks that starting to live a hero,help other characters in the game,rushing in all serious trouble.The world after a global catastrophe,you are the man of the past,caught up in the future.Before you the way of the warrior who will fight with the bandits,mutants,clan Raskovalova,soldiers of the Government,will participate in the races on jeeps, etc.Each storyline has its soundtrack,written their game sounds and well drawn graphics,with high system requirements.For this game you can give 400-500rub,in the license.9 points
Yes! The game as a whole very much YES! Even those who otmazyvatsya saying: "I don't play", is mandatory for passing! Unfortunately, the passage is only two nights (if not to take side missions), but to leave such a good shooter so quickly even sad. So the thing at the level of the Mafia, and particularly pleased that the minimum requirements are pretty overrated, because I saw a very decent graphics on a very unworthy gland, for which the developers of the engine, a special thank you!

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