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If two words Rayman Fiesta Run is just a terrific game, which turned out great both on iOS and on Android. Rayman as a playable character, appeared in 1995 on a huge number of platforms. And now, just recently, he has made it to the iOS platform, where he was welcomed quite warmly. Greeted so warmly that the developers decided to develop its own success, and to release a new game in the series, which appeared in Google Play and the App Store a few days ago. What - let's look at Rayman Fiesta Run.
Rayman is quite well-known platformer that on mobile devices has decided to implement as a runner. However? Rayman Fiesta Run stands out from the many "colleagues" on the genre that the game has quite a meaningful purpose? even and logical conclusion. You will need to collect all lopullisen fireflies, which is called Luma, because they are in the universe Reiman are tiny particles of this fantastic world.
Rayman Fiesta Run

Rayman Fiesta Run
Of course, if you compare with the previous part, then any global changes in the game never happened, because it remained the same juicy and fun runner. At the same time, well, can not say that the developers came to the release of the game "her sleeves". They are not just added new locations and characters, they made a few more. The developers have implemented in Rayman Fiesta Run a huge number of their own ideas, so now the game several times more interesting, and it can rightfully be called a worthy sequel to the original.
Rayman Fiesta Run
Rayman Fiesta Run
The main objective of the game is also simple and Arkady from the player you want as quickly as possible to run all the steps, jumping obstacles, and avoiding anything that promises a loss. In parallel, it is necessary to collect fireflies, fortunately, it does not cause much difficulty. Each round contains a hundred fireflies, and as soon as You will gather them all, you will gradually open up new jobs. Map of the world for its huge size, by the way, it was not in the previous game. Also for innovations can be attributed to many game modes and bonuses, as well as some new characters that have previously participated in the adventures Reiman. Developers just great - fabulous without them the world would be a much more flat and empty.
Rayman Fiesta Run
Rayman Fiesta Run
Rayman Fiesta Run is a great example of what should be a quality platformer. The behavior of the characters, the realization of the universe, and each and every element within this universe, coupled with flawless animation - everything looks just perfect, sometimes begin to immerse your head in the game, and angry from the fact that the wicked outside world pulls you out of it. The audio component is also at altitude. In General again, Rayman Fiesta Run is a standard platformer. The only thing that may disappoint players, and so is the price at 99 rubles, but believe me, the game is worth it.
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