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Rayman Origins - a brand new two-dimensional platform game, made in the usual many setting. The game again tells about the adventures of Rayman and Globax, lifting the veil of secrecy over the origin of many of the characters of the universe Rayman. Co-op mode allows you to play just four people, and its graphics engine produces unthinkable 60 fps on consoles of current generation. The main task is to guide Ramana through a huge number of beautiful locations. It is necessary to find and free the fairies, and of the kings of beautiful grounds. Epic battles with huge bosses is another important component of the game that wins their originality and uniqueness from the very first glance.
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Rayman Legends is back in the spotlight

Popular platformer Rayman Legends award positive feedback from journalists, was again involved in the scandal. Those who have been watching the series, you already know what the problems were in the game at the initial stage.
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Rayman Origins. Videorecensione

Hello! In this review we will tell you about one of the most colorful of the representatives of the French games industry - Rayman Origins.
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