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Red Dead Redemption is a game developed by the Studio Rockstar San Diego, it must occupy its rightful place and become an example of classic Western. All the action takes place at the turn of the very XX centuries in the Wild West. The main character, a former bandit, he will have a lot of travel in America, where it will look in the small picturesque town and explore the unknown secret paths. But of course, the main task of the player will become acquainted residents of the most remote cities of America with justice and his gun, which will help it to do. Will have to pass a lot of tests before you reach your destination. You will try to Rob, to ambush the constant attacks of wild beasts, and the most daring enemies want simply to hang cowboy.
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Overview of Western

Red Dead Redemption is an exclusive game in the genre of the Western, which was developed exclusively for consoles of the current generation.
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